Sparks-Page 6

I gotta say how much of a pleasure it’s been to work the fantastic Mr. Chris Turner who deals with my late pages by taking his magician’s brush to it. I presented him with this quite mundane and predictably selfish picture of grown up life and he managed to make it dull looking and vibrant at once. His muted tones perfectly capture the sadness of this moment, but the boldly dark colors complement the certainty that each of the characters have, right up until the end, where everyone’s life will never be the same again. This post is all about how we’re all people in this thing called life together, bouncing off each other, for better or worse. Hope you enjoy.

Spanish Inquisition #2

The second installment is up! This one looks a bit different from the last one in that it has a little blue as well as the regular yellow. (Can it be called regular if it’ s only been used once before?) After the first one, Chris and I were discussing how well the yellow worked so we wanted to keep it, but maybe throw in another color here and there for emphasis and this strip is the result. I think it works pretty well, but your feedback is appreciated.

– Alex

Spanish Inquisition # 2

Sparks-Page 5

The origin story continues here. At its heart, this story has the tale of a wordless man who lives in a cave. I have a backstory for how the Mouthless became who he is way back in my head, but it’s a bare threadless thing. Maybe someday I can pull it out. But for now, The Mouthless grants the Spark of Power. Me on the words and lines. Chris Turner on the paint sticks, doing a badass job as usual.

Sparks-Page 4

Here we go with Page #4. Frank did a pretty epic job with this one, so I hope my colours can do the lines justice. I had a good time with the first frame in particular – it’s such an epic scene. I kept with a muted and dark palette to make it feel stormy and foreboding, and the torches at the center really draw you in. I also had fun playing with the light sources, like the cracks in the cave and glow of the spark in the last panel. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the end result. I think it’s our best yet.

Sparks-Page 3

Here’s page 3. So far, we’re keeping on our weekly schedule since we started. This page is all talking heads. Drawn and written by Frank Ruiz. Colored and lettered by Chris Turner. Chris was trying a lil bit of a different coloring technique here. We decided from the beginning that if we wanted to do something different with our art styles, we would allow for that. No point in burning ourselves out or restricting each other when the whole point of this is supposed to be a creative outlet. Click on the image for a larger version.

Sparks – Page 2

So here’s the second page of our ongoing comic for 2009. There’s drawings. There’s words. There’s colors. It looks like a comic and talks like a comic, so it must be a comic. Anyway, here it goes. Drawn and written by Frank Ruiz. Colored and lettered by Chris Turner. Click on the image for a larger version.

Sparks – Page 1

My friend Crilix and I agreed to do a comic this year. I think it was more like I dragged him into it. I already feel bad because we’re a couple weeks behind, but no matter. It will all work out. We’re going to do a page a week, and more if possible, in 2009. The hope is that we can complete an entire story. And that it doesn’t suck. I’m on the pencils and writing and he’s on the colors and lettering. Hope you enjoy it. Click on the photo for a bigger version.